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    Keeping Furry Friends Safe this Thanksgiving

    By Phil Tabakelis | November 22, 2023

    As the aroma of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie fills the air, Thanksgiving brings joy and togetherness. It's a time for family gatherings, gratitude, and delicious feasts. However, amidst the celebrations, it's important to consider the safety of our beloved pets. Read More

    The Evolution of Mortgage Rates and Why Now is the Perfect Time to Say ‘I Do’ to Your Home

    By Phil Tabakelis | November 13, 2023

    In the vast landscape of homeownership, one key factor stands out among the rest—mortgage rates. These elusive numbers have shaped the dreams of countless homebuyers over the years, and today, as we explore the history of mortgage rates, we'll uncover why now is the perfect moment to marry the house of your dreams and date the rate that makes it all possible. Read More

    November beach Bliss:A Perfect Time To Invest At The Carolina Coast

    By Phil Tabakelis | November 1, 2023

    November Beach Bliss: It’s A Perfect Time To Invest At The Carolina Coast As the scorching summer sun gives way to the cool, crisp breeze of autumn, November in the Grand Strand takes on a unique charm that is often overlooked by potential real estate investors. While many people associate coastal living with summer, November... Read More